Saturday, 3 March 2018

Storm Emma day 4 and 5 February Mullion Cornwall

Well , Storm Emma was quite scary , I lay in my bed listening to the howling blizzard and the roof tiles rattling . I thought we might get some roof damage , but it's o.k . ...just the woodshed roof this time ..not so bad !
 That's a Yucca elephantipes .......a lovely variegated one ,  under that old curtain.     This is the first year I didn't bother to drag it into the porch . It is very ,very heavy and since my big op , I just cant do that anymore . .  I doubt if it will survive this weather . I expect I am going lose a lot of things up in the greenhouse too :(   .

The snow lay knee deep in places ..oh my poor birdies ...I kept up with putting food out for the poor little things . How do they survive in this ? ! My Blackbird comes every time I opened the door , for her grapes .
    Paw-prints of God's creatures dotted about in the snow .... I put food and water out to cater for all !

I had wanted to make a snowman but every time I ventured out , my throat became sore and  it made me begin to cough ,so sadly I didn't make a Snowman .

 The blizzard was blowing too strongly to be comfortable to be outside for very long .

 My husband took these photos as he checked the roofs of the he did so a panel flew off the woodshed roof and hit him on the head ..he says he's o.k  though  !  He did a temporary fix to put it back up , to keep whats left of our wood dry .

This is our Summer house where I love to sit and do my embroidery ...roll on Summer !                 Mummabear is going into hibernation !

                                We're not used to this here in Cornwall !

We took the dog for a very quick walkies up the lane and back ...I carried her most of the way actually as the snow was too deep for her little legs .
What this photo doesn't capture is how the wind and snow was blasting across the field into my back , I could hardly stand up in it ..I thought I was going to be blown away ! The next day it was almost knee deep here .

 Today it has almost all gone and the temperature has risen to 8 degrees and we have cloud and rain again ..back to normal for us .

                                       Cosy and warm beside the fire !


  1. You've had it really bad down there. I'm glad all is well and hope very much you don't lose too many of the plants (and that husband's head is OK)
    J x

    1. Thanks Joy , I,m keeping an eye on him ! :) x

  2. Thank goodness for normality and green around us rather than white!

  3. Hope your plants survives. I hope our Yucca Filamentosa survives too I have seen a bird trying to nest in ours

    Julie xx