Monday, 5 March 2018

St Piran

 So Saint Piran was a 5th century abbot in Ireland , who went about preaching Christianity , he became very popular , people flocked to see him , he healed the sick and performed miracles .
 The King is said to have become suspicious and had poor St Piran lashed to a millstone and thrown over the cliff into the stormy sea .
God calmed the waves and caused the mill stone to become light and float .
 A gentle breeze blew him over the sea to Cornwall ....and he landed on the sands at Perranporth .
 In thanks to Almighty God , he had built an Oratory  amongst the sand dunes and here he is said to have sung and preached Christianity . His first disciples are said to have been a Badger , a Fox and a Bear  . Nice to think that he was kind to animals isn't it ?
 St Piran's Oratory is still there , you can go and visit  !
 One day he gathered some rocks to make a little fire-pit , on which to cook some fish . He lit the kindling and got a good fire going ...he must have got it very hot indeed , as then he noticed that the metal in the rock was melting and the silver molten tin ran down and across the cracks in a black rock forming a Cross .
 This became our Cornish flag or the Flag of  St Piran .
If you come to Cornwall  , this is the flag that you will see proudly flying  !