Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bye Bye Blackbirds

                                                   Mother Blackbird ( Birdie )
 Introducing my resident Blackbird family if you haven't met them before on my blog .
That's Birdie up on top , She's been here for many years and this year strangely lost her feathers on her head and hurt one of her feet , we think maybe she got caught by a cat , but  she got away and is just fine apart from that .
I didn't think she'd find a birdy boy to love her , but she did ! And they had two beautiful babies .

I have really enjoyed watching her little family and because she trusts me , she allowed me to get close to take photographs .

                          Here's the Papa Blackbird..he is a very handsome boy !

They have hopped about where ever I am in the garden , sometimes they come to my kitchen for grapes , but while digging I have thrown slugs , snails and they dive in and pull out grubs and other insects ....I made sure the bird baths were full and they had plenty of fresh water to drink .

 We have a pile of old decomposing woodchips and rotting logs , during the heatwave I forked it over so that they could find food to feed the young fledglings .

                                                   Plenty of food in there !

                      I turned over one of the rotting logs to reveal a large ants nest !

 The eggs were huge and Birdie danced about trying to avoid being stung by the ants , whilst grabbing those fat ant eggs .

Later on I noticed that each of the parent birds took charge of one each of the fledglings .

         I can already see that one of the fledglings is much darker than the other .

 This photo shows it better . You can already see that one is a male and the other a female .

                                        Plenty of fruit about now in the bushes .

 But alas ! Since this last weekend they have all disappeared .End of July . This is the time that they keep hidden while they are moult and grow new feathers . They are still there , just keeping a very , very low profile down under bushes ..especially while that Sparrow Hawk is hanging around!

                                                         Sparrow Hawk

I do hope that Birdie gets some new feathers on her head ! She deserves a rest now after all her hard work raising those two hungry babies .

 Hey ! I told you that the sun would come out !  Have a happy and blessed Sunday  .

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