Saturday, 7 May 2016

Trevaskis Farm

Blue sky , swallows , the sound of the cuckoo , bluebells, ransoms, celandine , buttercups and daisies . The trees are waking up  , the leaves on this Oak tree looked golden against the blue sky .
 Such a lovely day , Jessica and I had planned to go on a trip to Trevaskis Farm .... .....

                                                    ........ for pudding !

                                                 Well was my birthday !
   I had the apple and blueberry crumble with Cornish clotted cream ....mmmmm......and Jessica had the longest chocolate eclair I,ve ever seen .

The restaurant  is spacious , airy and light , spotlessly clean  and   fresh are the words that come to mind .
 The staff are cheerful and most friendly ,both in the restaurant and in the wonderful Farm Shop , where we filled our baskets with delicious bread and cheese , relish , fresh veggies , dandelion and burdock .  We spent a long time just looking at all the good things  .

                                       Then off for a long walk around the farm  .

                                There is a lovely veg garden you can go and sit in .

Then to look at the happy hens in their dust bath dozing in the warm sunshine .

                                             They really did look content .

                    We saw ducks and geese and goats and donkeys and sheep .

There is so much more than I have shown here'll have to go there  and see for yourself  .

                                   Driving through pretty Cornish country lanes .

It was such a beautiful day .


  1. I've never been to Trevaskis, though have thought about it so often. Is it wheelchair friendly?

    1. Hi there ! yes it is check out their website . it says that some areas of the farm walk might be difficult and advises giving them a ring before coming . but the restaurant certainly is lovely gentle slope in and out ...and the loos are beautiful ....I actually used the super duper extra wide disabled cubicle and was very impressed !

  2. Yes here's the link to their website.
    I will try and find the postcode for the SATNAV : )