Saturday, 21 May 2016

St Just in Roseland

After all the work in the garden I had been excited to get away for a picnic and an adventure with my good friend and her two little dogs .
 So yesterday was the day ! And here we are at St Just in Roseland  Church .
It is said that Joseph of Arimathea  came with the Child Jesus and landed his ship here has become a place of Christian pilgrimage .

                     The church is open and has a very welcoming feel to it .

I love this stained  glass window of St Anthony , Our Lord Jesus and St Francis all feeding the birds !
                                               I have a soft spot for St Francis .

                                                  The old baptismal font .....

                                    .... and a very much earlier font along side .

I loved the introduction of these little things , which are keeping people  spiritually and prayerfully interactive whilst walking around the church .
  We were invited to take a hand woven Cross from the basket .To who ever made them I just want to say  " Thankyou ! : ) " and that I love mine and am going to take this idea away with me maybe introduce to our little St Michael's Church in Mullion .

I,ve already been looking up how to weave this " Ojo de Dias Cross " and am sorting through my embroidery thread hoard . I will also need some nice straight branches from the garden .

Back out side, we continued to walk along the river side , enjoying the primroses and bluebells and wondering about Little Lord Jesus , helping his Uncle tying up the boat along here maybe . I managed to jump down and collect some precious earth  for both of us , from where those Holy feet may have walked .

Further along we were surprised to find a Holy Well . I put these pictures together as a collage  for you to see .
  The water is crystal clear and quite deep .
   The pathway and simple garden leading up to the well are welcoming , beautifully and I think , most lovingly  kept .

                                          The Holy Well of St Just in Roseland .

                                    Lichens on the branches over hanging the river .

I,m glad we got to go and see this lovely place before the primroses and bluebells fade .
                                      The picnic was scrumptious doodley doo !

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  1. It is indeed a very lovely place to visit. It is years since I got over there, sadly, but I still remember the peace of the little church.