Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The New Kettle

 A nice looking kettle yes...but..we,ve been putting up with the small matter of it leaking water all over the electric base for some time now . Never had a kettle that leaks before .

            I never fill it more than for two or three cups , so why is it leaking  ?
                                                        Blooming nuisance !

 We just kept forgetting to buy a new one when we were out shopping and we,ve been putting up with this for months !    Anyway we finally chose this even nicer looking one . The lid flips up to refill and is lovely and wide . A comfortable handle on the side so you dont scald your hand anymore . There is something nice about seeing the crystal clear water inside .....

         ......and when you switch it on ........and this bit was a surprise to us .....

  It all lights up with little blue lights and makes you feel happy even before you get to drink your tea !  
           I,m feeling a bit happier today and tonight I,m going to dance class .


  1. A friend had the same kettle and we were all amazed at the blue lights!

    1. Yes , brings out the child in me every time I make a cup of tea ! :)