Saturday, 7 May 2016

Trachycarpus fortuneii

The last few days have been quite hot here in Mullion  ( I,ve put on my shorts ! ) ....and there is an real urgency to get things done out in the garden , before the ground turns too hard  to dig .
  We had found this little Trachycarpus fortuneii at a local nursery , at a bargain price a couple of years ago . When we got it home , we couldn't decide where to put it ,  the ground was rock hard and it was coming into Autumn anyway so it needed to be put into a sheltered place for the time being . So I dug a hole into the soft and warm compost heap , where it has been fairly happy all this time .
    So the above picture shows the compost heap , which I used to regularly turn over and was my pride and joy .

 Then I got sick and had a big op and couldn't manage do it and the nettles and blooming bindweed has spread through it and actually now the whole area needs some serious restructuring .

 The Trachycarpus seems O.K. I think , but needs to be in its final place in the ground now .   It has put out babies around its base ....maybe this is a sign of the plant being stresses ...not sure .....

       So , out with my trusty garden fork..oh those nettles .....heave ho !..and.... I couldn't photograph this bit.....there was no swearing...but quite a lot of huffing and groaning .

                                            ...........into the wheel barrow .

                         Next to dig a hole ....with my little  gardening assistant .

                                                More huffing and puffing .

                                               What do you think Birdie ?
                                                  " Hang on ! "she says .

                                                          " Wait a minute ! "

                                                                 "Wait ! "

                                                              " O.K ! "

             All clear  ! Line it up and roll over the wheelbarrow and it should just.....

          land beautifully perfectly at the same level it was in the compost heap  .

      Very happy me ....apart from my legs now being covered in mosquito bites .

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