Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Planting out begins !

 So we're just back from a lovely week away .... but a little worrying since the morning we  on which we left  , I had young plants only a short time out of the greenhouse , left to harden off ...the weather had suddenly turned very hot . I had to leave all the greenhouse windows open , worried about my veg seedlings and cacti about to flower , but everything is fine . ..and there was also the small matter of my having seen a young deer in the veg garden ,actually on the morning that we left ! No idea where it had come from....never before seen any deer here on the Lizard ....any one know anything about deer around Mullion  ?  Delightful to see , but I was concerned that it would hurt itself as it scrabbled through one of my fences .
  Anyway  as you can see I added an extra hazel pole at each end of the bean frame for extra strength . Put on the horrible green plastic netting that I have recycled for the  last three years . I take great care to remove all the dead vines and roll it up tying a rag to the ends so that I can unroll it again the next season ,like you do your Christmas fairy lights : )

Last Earth Day I made myself a resolution to become more plastic aware , that is I will recycle what plastic items I still have and then use alternatives .
This year I am growing Firestorm Runnerbeans which are said to be a cross between runnerbeans and french beans .They germinated very quickly , these have been hardened off and I planted out about 8 of them . The courgettes are germinating rather erratically , which is good I suppose ...the largest of these I nestled into the warm earth and spread sharp grit around . Six Swift sweetcorn  in blocks of three , I will sow some more direct into the earth now .

 On the other side of the frame I have sown  direct into the earth Blue Lake climbing beans and a few Prizewinner Runnerbeans . I will still sow some more in the greenhouse, just in case and to get succession of crops .
 I have pushed in some spriggy hazel pea sticks for some peas to climb up . The peas are germinating on the kitchen windowsill at the moment...this way the mice dont eat the seed and they dont seem to bother with them once they're up .

I am also trying to not buy so many bamboo canes now , they are shipped in from far away and are expensive . I will use the ones I still have till they are not fit for purpose .
 So this means a little bit of hard work cutting my own  hazel bushes , which I am lucky to have . I make use of the branches , cutting them so that I can hang up my coat and garden tools close by  to where I,m cant do that with bamboo canes !
Bamboo canes get brittle and sharp , you can really hurt yourself on them if you're not careful , I am constantly looking for things to cover the cane tops with , so that no one will poke their eye on them .
I will still use them to thread through the chicken wire surrounding each of the veg beds though , to keep the bunnies out .I just cant get the Hazel sticks to push through the holes in the chicken wire so easily .  I would like to not use horrible chicken wire and make woven Hazel hurdle fences around the veg beds ..but I dont have enough hazel to do this .
 Oh well , there you go ...but at least I am becoming more thoughtful about all this .

 My Tibetan Prayer flags are looking a little worn now , but God and the rain ,the sun and the moon know that I am trying to be a more careful Earth loving person .

                                                        Cheerio for now !


  1. I feel there's much benefit when we become mindful with all we do.

    Good for you!

  2. are going to be earning plenty of naps after all of this work! And I love that moon shot :)