Friday, 10 July 2015

Flowering Agave Update

                                                        It is still going up !

 We ,ve been weeding and raking over the gravel here , when my my husband noticed ....

                                                             ...  this !

He thought it must be a bulb of some sort ......but no ....its a baby Agave  , nothing unusual about that  , I have often found "pups " several feet away from the mother plant and dug them up and potted them on.... ...but the really interesting thing about this one , is  , that  at only two inches tall appears to be flowering too !

Monday, 6 July 2015

Sunday in My Veg Garden

So I had a go at making a little photo slide show , if it comes out o.k. then I might do some more of these for my journal .
  Sorry there is no music  , you.ll just have to open your window and hear the birds singing to it : )
 I cant do as much as I,d like to in the garden , recovering from big op , doing it little by little .
 We have some courgette plants which are beginning to produce some fruit now and the salad leaves bed which I  have sown seeds of Rocket,mixed lettuce ,french breakfast radishes, spinach ,curly kale and greyhound cabbages, leeks. you can see are all coming up .
 I know it is too late really to sow leeks ,but they are germinating now and we have mild winters here in Cornwall we'll see . I have a few beans ,beginning to climb up the frame  , might sow some more .
 I haven,t been able to pull weeds as I,d like ,so they are also flourishing and flowering ....who cares , the bees love them .  Even my rhubarb flowered this year !
Its good to be home in my garden again  .