Thursday, 6 July 2017

Gete -okosomin first flower !

Delighted to see my Gete -okosomin plant has a flower coming !
  Its a female flower though and unfortunately there are no male flowers to pollinate it with yet .

Female flower has an immature fruit behind it .
Male flower is just a flower on a long thin stalk .

 If you only have male flowers , these can be picked and saved in a jar of water in the fridge for a few days , until you have a female flower to pollinate .

 Sadly this female flower and fruit will just drop off if left unpollinated ....sigh I,m hoping for lots more flowers to come .

The watering basket in the middle of the Pumpkin bed is such a great idea , because the water goes straight down to the roots of the plants and the surface remains dry , which discourages the slugs and snails , who prefer a nice wet surface to slither along on .
 It is so hot again !  I need it to rain arms are getting longer and aching from carrying watering can about !

                                      Birdie is very busy feeding her two babies .

                                 She lets me get quite close with my camera too !