Monday, 9 June 2014

Pretty Toadstools in Crewel Wool

I have been well doodling really and experimenting , this is the little piece I took on holiday with me , because I always have to be stitching something .
 I am going to make a little nature sampler book , of cloth pages . Experimenting with stitches which I need to brush up on and trying out different threads .

                                             I just sketch with a pencil .
                                               .............and stitch  .

         I have used a mixture of Appletons and Renaissance Crewel wool ... they are both beautiful to work with .
The Renaisance wool is hand dyed ,with natural vegetable and wild plant dyes,  lambs wool and just happened to have the perfect shade of green  ...I would love to have the whole collection ...but it is very expensive .
 Appletons is a very old and much loved ,English company producing wool in skeins and hanks ,for tapestry and crewelwork since 1835 .Most of my wool is Appletons .
I have just been practising some basic shading..there are about six different shades of red and coral in this .  . . . I do love needle-painting best of all !

                 I stitched another , which I intend to make into a small purse .

                         I love toadstools and cant wait to stitch some more .
I want to try out silk threads and have been slowly gathering ,as and when I,ve been able to afford it.
        I will show you my little silk collection soon !  The cottage has been in turmoil ,with furniture being shoved upstairs into bedrooms , bathroom and kitchen ,whilst new carpet was being laid and new sofa and armchair delivered. It poured with rain both days and it was absolute chaos ! ...and then there was the dentist ..tooth out .... : (   I only talk about nice things on here .
  Hopefully I will have space to move around upstairs again and sort out a space to work in .
 Its just as well I had so much to do in the garden ..but I cant wait to see all my craft things again .