Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Goblins Stole my Leek Planting Tool !

 I was so upset when I could not find my old Leek planting tool .
   " Somebody has stolen it !" I cried ... and "I know who did it ! "..." Goblins ! "
                    "However am I going to plant all those leeks ? !"
 I know I could use a broom handle or a long stone or a hand spade...but that old tool was perfect for the job ...and even has a metal spike . It was a good one !
  So I got onto Ebay and bought another one from Ian of Rookery Cottage up country somewhere ... for a good price too .

 So it arrived nicely packed ,in a beautifully hand crafted  cardboard box ..apparently it is a vintage Gardeners World Dibbler / Leek planting  tool ... any ideas on the date ? ..hmmm.... 70's..... 80's  ? What do you think ..any way I am delighted with it  !
                                                          It has good vibes !

                               And then of course , you know what happened next ....

            The Piskies found my other one again ! Those cheeky Cornish Piskies !

                              So now I have two ! They look so happy together !

                                   I can now get on and plant my baby leeks .

                       I am so happy to have my old Leek Planting Tool back !

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Germinating Sweetcorn

 I had failed  twice this year with sowing sweetcorn in pots . No idea why..They are usually so easy !
   So yesterday , I decided to try one more time , but using the plastic bag method .
 Basically you put a layer of tissue into a dish/saucer, cover with another layer of tissue make really damp with some water  ,slip into a plastic bag an leave on the windowsill for up to a couple of weeks .

                                     Mine only took a few days to germinate .

                    I decided to pluck a few of these out and pot them up into 3"pots .

         Here's one I have plucked forth to show the white root and little green shoot .
            I made a shallow hole with my finger and carefully lowered the root down into the seed compost with some added perlite ...gently covered over leaving only the green shoot  showing above . Gave them a little watering . Just enough to settle them in .

I potted up 12 and these are in the " Solar shed " (husband's shed :) but I am beginning to take it over ! ), which has a very large sloping window , is warm , but doesn't get as hot as my greenhouse . I,ve put the rest of the seeds back into the plastic ziplock bag..hopefully I'll get a few more to germinate .

 So then after all that strenuous veg gardening , we took the dog for a walk  along the cliffs of Mullion .

It was such a lovely day yesterday , sunshine and just a gentle breeze . Blue sea and blue sky . The kestrel was patrolling back and forth overhead .

 The Bluebells and violets are fading and all the early summer wild flowers are taking over .

 The beautiful wild Gladiolus byzantinus  grows here along the cliffs ,it's one of my favourites .

                                    It is the prettiest time of the year for sure !

                 This is another of my favourites  the Spring Squill or Scilla verna .

                                  We were delighted to see this Slow-worm !

                                         We gently put him into the long grass .

 We watched the waves down below for a while , cares and worries blowing away in the breeze .

  This morning we are hearing of more sorrow on the news . My thoughts and prayers are today for all those who are suffering because of it .
                    My God !    Surely don't we all just want to live in peace ?

                                               Blessed are the peacemakers .

Monday, 22 May 2017

Cactus Flowers !

 When I step into my cactus greenhouse and see Cactus flowers , my heart leaps for joy !

                  Although most of these cactus flowers only last a day , it is worth the wait  .

 The top one is an Echinopsis  something or other and the lower one is an Optuntia  something or other , the labels were lost long ago  ..if anyone knows please do let me know so I can give them new labels .

                            This is one of the more gentle spineless Optuntias .

                     I can only detect the slightest hint of fresh lemony fragrance .

 " The blob " --update ..... so I,m trying to get this thing to put out its lovely vine . I bought it at the Penzance Cactus and Succulents show maybe about 6 years ago ...or more . It has a vine with the prettiest leaves I ever did see . I just had to buy it ! It had no label the gentleman told me what it was at the time ,but by the time I got home I,d forgotten .
 Once again , if anyone has any idea what this might be I,d be ever so grateful .
Anyway the vine died back over winter, it became dormant ....and then never woke up .
 I,ve tried everything, only watering it a very little , putting it in to more sunny place , putting it into a more shady place having not watered it at all over this winter I am now trying giving it lots of water . The water from my water but is actually quite warm from the morning sun , there actually isn't much water left in there we have had such a long drought now . So I have completely immersed it to really saturate the dry compost .

                                         I only dunked it for a very short time .

                            I left it to drain before taking it back into the greenhouse .
                                               Look at the picture  below .

 You can see that it is still green and has little pimples where I suppose the vine shoots come out from .  Oh well , I put it back into the greenhouse amongst all its friends .

                                    The water butt is now empty again .
 Those are my leeks waiting to be planted out .Someone has stolen my Victorian Leek planting tool !

                  Oh dear !  Note to myself - Don't forget to water the hanging baskets !

                                                            Daisy Debs x

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Forever waiting !

 Hi ! I,m up in my cactus greenhouse again this morning ....come on ...lets see whats going on in there today .

                                                        Waiting ........

                                                Excitedly anticipating ....

                                                    for buds to open ....

                  ......  the first new shoot from that dormant Dioscorea elephantipes .

...for signs of these tender new Agave pups to green up  , that I found still growing , under ground  , from where I had taken up the old flowered Agave now on the compost heap .

                                 .......waiting for things to root and shoot .

                                       ....... and things to just grow bigger .
                              All is well in the cactus greenhouse this morning  .

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Aloe ferox - leaf cutting - experiment

 So before I could get into the greenhouse to show you around , I had to take out all the big things which had been over wintering in there . These two Aloe (very ) ferox were probably the heaviest ones , being planted in plain old free garden earth . Planet Earth earth !


Actually these have been left in the greenhouse  for the last three years , I know this  because I,ve been too poorly to lift them in and out and that broken leaf has been there since then ....and it is still green and alive looking .

 It must have snapped off as , then , very strong me lifted it in to the greenhouse and I had just stuck it a little into the earth in the pot and gone off and forgotten all about it .

Could it possibly be putting down roots ? Could those spikes actually turn into roots ?

Well I took it up and turned it over  and sure enough ..I think one or two of those spikes are becoming more white looking .
 So now feeling guilty that I did not take more care I decided to give it some more tender loving care . Finds plastic tray , nice fresh gritty compost , grit , label ,nice stones I found on the beach ......

                    Very nice stones I found on the beach ..aren't they cool ? ! :)

                                              Perfect for reclining on .......

 Making sure the base is into the gritty compost and more grit all around to keep the snails off .

                                 Reclining in the the warm Cornish sunshine .

 Has anyone done this ? Would like to know did it produce pups /roots ? Or will it just become like " the blob " my last post ?