Monday, 23 May 2016

The Sun Dial Bed

 This is my next thing to do ...The Sun Dial Bed  .
 This is a very special place where my old best friend now rests , a few years now .
My beautiful Collie Dog  Megs . I think of her much when I tend this bed . The torrential rain has caused the sundial to slip ... I will have to step in there and straighten it ...I dont want to step where she is .  I miss her so much .
 I used to clip the edge of this bed neatly..but the ferns are so beautiful that now I let them grow , especially lovely as the new fronds unfurl .

I walked many miles with her in these very boots , which I have placed where she lies .
 Its been a difficult weekend , thanks to one rude , thoughtless and unkind person's gossiping tongue....especially when I came to help .
                                                                               Feeling very sad and hurt .

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  1. So sorry you are feeling unhappy, people' tongues can be devastating.