Friday, 3 June 2016

Back to work in the garden

 It really is  "all go " now  out in the garden and the priority is to get  my courgettes ,  butternut squashes  and more beans out into the ground .
Up at 5.30 am with the sunrise and the dawn chorus , the best time of the day .
 As usual ,  if I want to do something , there is always something else that has to be done first.......

Yep ..the chicken wire needs replacing is not buried into the ground , but , the grass has grown through it which makes it very hard work to pull out . ..I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way back to the shed ,  to get my husbands grotty , Heaven only knows where they,ve been ,workmans gloves yep I have sore hands .

Next I trim the edges , and you can see where I gave it a good digging over . It's been quite a while since we had any rain and the ground hard to crack into , but once I got started I could see it is fairly moist underneath . You can see the earth looking darker in the above picture .

At one point I am working on three beds at the same time , the bed on the right is an ornamental flower bed to attract in bees and butterflies . I haven't touch this bed since before my op husband has been wonderful ,bombing around on his ride on lawnmower cutting the grass and even doing the labyrinth paths ..but had left the edges which were beginning to grow into the I got down on my hands and knees and began to weed and pull the grass .

 I drift into my own thoughts  , a meditative state  , only interrupted  by the sight of a butterfly , the call of a buzzard ....and the seagulls  following the plough in the nearby field .

 .....the heady scent of the earth  , mingled with the fragrance of  Roseraie De L' Hay ...whose fresh green leaves mingle with that of the red Berberis and the dainty London Pride .

.....delight even as I come across a beautiful stripey snail sheltering from the hot sun on the leaf of the pure white Arum Lily . I left him there .

           There came the scent of chives as I pulled out clumps of mingling dewy grass .
                                  Aah ! This is why we love our gardens !

Then back to work ... having done all that .... I then decided to plant the Butternuts in another bed  !
      So in this other bed , I took out the bamboo wigwam canes ( I dont think I'll be needing them after all) and rigged up a much stronger frame or the Butternut Squashes  .   It is two quite thick  Y -shaped Hazel branches  with pig wire through each end ..resting on another  very strong Hazel branch with three bits sticking out at the top , buried deep into the ground  . The frame is deliberately leaning  for the Butternuts to climb up .

                    I finally got the Butternuts in and a few dwarf french beans .

The wigwam will be made into a Native American Indian tent for the grandchildren to play in ......although my husband says that Pirates are all the thing at the moment !


  1. It is all go at this time of year isn't it, I'm glad you got your jobs completed x

    1. It's never ending ...but I love it so much . :)