Saturday, 19 August 2017

Winterocereus colademononis Monkey Tail Cactus - update

                          Winterocereus colademononis cuttings back 18/04/2017.
                           Generously given to me in a swap from DaveW BCSS .

  Well here they are a year or so later , today they have lots of little shoots coming !
                                                     I,m over the moon !
                                            Mummabear's Cactus Greenhouse

More exciting husband is painting my grotty old greenhouse..we had some cream woodstain left over and thought it would look nice as well as protecting the wood .
 Well the sun is up and shining again here in Mullion , we,ve got a church service (10am St Michael's in Mullion  ) this morning , then will spend the rest of the day pottering about in the garden .....walk the dog and hopefully find time to do some embroidery  .
 Have a great weekend everybody !


  1. Playing in the garden, walking, church and time for embroidery . . . sounds like a lovely day :) Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Although I admire cacti...I have something that creeps down my back when I see spines!!!! Even the fine ones. Now succulents without spines they are rather interesting! Your newly painted glass house looks rather nice.

  3. What a cool plant, looks a bit like big spiky caterpillars to me!

    1. Hello , yes they do ! :) But actually these are quite stroke-able compared to other cacti that I have. As these get longer they really do look like monkey's tails !

  4. This little cutting is really growing away fast now ...I must remember to take a photo of it and post it on here again soon ! :)