Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Rainy Foggy Day in Mullion Today

A very rainy night here in Mullion and a foggy old day too . ..but I make the most of it and take the opportunity to dig up the Dasylirion that I had planted back in the Spring to replace to Agave which had flowered and then slowly died .
 I had been growing this Dasylirion  longissimum up in one of the vegetable beds , surrounded with chicken wire .  It was doing really well there and I thought I,d plant it where I could enjoy it even more .

                                      Alas ! It has been nibbled by the rabbits !

 Never in a million years did I think that the rabbits would be interested in a Dasylirion ! Sigh ! So out it came and in with another Agave . I can not remember which variety this one is , but it is going to be a much bigger one than the last one I grew here in this spot . It has very glossy , dark green leaves and I think it is a much hardier one too .

 I arranged slabs of rock around it , as it is the wet that kills these more than the cold .
The rocks are arranged so that the rain will just run away from the roots .
Also the rocks heat up under the sun and pulse it back out over night .
In the winter I will put a large cloche over it fact I put the cloche on later on this afternoon as the heavy rain continued .
  I began pulling the weeds that you can see behind it ...but then got carried away playing with the stones .

                   And then the sun came out ....and off we went to the beach !
Poldhu Cove was very busy with lots of happy families and I can recommend the Poldhu Beach Cafe !
We decided to drive a little further though today and visit Marazion Beach  .

                                                             Marazion .

                                                      St Michael's Mount .

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