Monday, 14 August 2017


                               Goonhilly..lands of our early bronze age ancestors .
            Who cares if it's raining ? Pull on your wellies and go for a nature walk .

 Leave behind your worries , take your camera , your art journal , pencils and paints .                       Breathe in the fresh air and open your eyes to the beauty all around .

          The sound of the Stonechat , Skylark and Swallows..the Buzzard and Kestrel .

                            Lie down in the soft grass and watch the butterflies .

                         ......and just allow yourself to be delighted by it all .

 It was a spidery day today ,it seemed to me ....there were lots of these spiders each with their own funnel web home . Tickle the entrance with some grass and out they pop .

                                        The sound of a Bee on the Heather .
    If you zoom in on this photo , you will see another ,very beautiful and graceful spider  .

                                      ..and Bulrushes always make me happy .

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  1. Those butterflies are gorgeous. Yo have far more of them down south than we have in Scotland, although apparently they are moving up here. Global warming?