Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sun is shining in Mullion !

Housework done . Veg garden - slugs ate my newly planted Kale seedlings ..crushed eggshells didn't work..I have one more pot of kale seedlings...will use slug pellets ( very sparingly ) this time ...covered with cloche and surrounded with chicken wire to protect my birds , hedgehogs and other wildlife ...I hate using them ..but if we dont ,then we will not have any vegetables . The labyrinth is looking good .
In the greenhouse my Monkeytail Cactus cutting is really beginning to grow away ! (Thankyou British Cactus and Succulent Society Dave ) happy me !
I tidied up the Trachycarpus fortunii which I had moved from the compost area is looking great ..I trimmed the grass around it and pulled out a few weeds..much smarter . The last pic in the bottom right hand corner is the Pumpkin bed ..going crazy !
 So all is well ....

                                            The sun is shining in Mullion !

                                                     Lets go to the beach !


  1. Who has been drawing in the sand again? Love this little cove...very beautiful.

    1. Ah..but it is so good to wriggle my toes in the warm sand ! :)

  2. Mullion looks beautiful. I've tried everything to deter slugs and snails and the only thing that works is the pellets - and thrushes!