Saturday, 12 August 2017

Gete-okosomin Squash --more pics !

 I just can't wait to have my first taste of this Squash variety - the Gete -okosomin  ,which has been carefully grown , it is said for as long as 5,000 years and kept pure by the Miami women in their vegetable gardens . I would love to know the names of these clever ladies  and say a big thankyou for their good work !
                                             It is said to be really delicious !

                             The name Gete -okosomin means the Big Old Squash .

 I'm being careful to keep it pure too . After hand pollinating them , here the petals are tied with a length of Bindweed .

                                          ......and here tied with a cable tie !

It doesn't matter what you use , the flower petals eventually wither and fall off leaving behind the now pollinated or set fruit  .

 I ,m just worried about slugs now and will be putting down more crushed eggshells .

                            One little baby Gete-okosomin..beginning to swell !

Last year I grew the Giant Banana Squash successfully so I know I can do this !
I know I,m a bit behind everyone else growing squashes , with the little accident we had earlier in the year , but hopefully , we should get more hot sunshine towards the end of August and into September to bring them on and I did put a lot of good stuff into this new Pumpkin bed ...Pumpkins and Squashes are hungry beasts !
 They also need a lot of space ! In this bed there are a few Sweetcorn , Two Cherokee Purple Tomatoes and one Gete-okosomin Squash and it is spiraling around the bed like crazy and now even trying to climb out !
 The weather has been a little overcast in the morning and sunny and hot this afternoon .
Lots of people coming over to our beautiful beaches in Mullion..lots of happy children building sand castles !

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