Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Church and Well of St Grada and Holy Cross - Grade

 Today is the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven , so we thought it would be nice to visit the beautiful old Church of Saint Grada and Holy Cross .
                         You can click on the pictures to enlarge them .

 The gate is beautiful .....it would be lovely to see it repaired ...the wood looks good..just needs some tender loving care and a few bits replaced by a good carpenter  .

                                 We sat for a while and watched the Swallows .

                                                  Then took a look inside ...

The font is so old ..about 13th century..it looks as if it had been made and sculptured yesterday ! This is a very ancient symbol of  Mary , the most blessed Mother of God .

Not a very good photo of the font sorry , will get a better one next time I go there .

 It was a bit over cast outside and therefore quite dark inside . I had to use my flash to get these pictures .

                                       The flowers on the altar were so pretty .

                             The beautiful stained glass window over the altar .

 The bell tower is in need of some restoration . I hope they can leave the beautiful ferns though .
 The owls have gone from the organ  ! ..but I did see a hedgehog hiding on a pew .

 Then we walked to the Holy Well of St Grada and Holy Cross which is just over the other side of the field along the road ..if you are driving ,there is a little lay-by  in which to park your car .

It is tucked away over a Cornish Hedge , it's a bit of a scrabble down some scary steps with a rope to hold onto and soft mud to land into at the bottom ..but it is well worth it  :) You'll be glad you came ....it is the sweetest little medieval Holy Well  ! Bring a candle to light and put in the niche  .

Think of the people , who through the centuries , have come to pray here . The Holy water is taken from here , to be used for Baptisms back up at the Church we just visited .

I hope if you are on holiday here on the Lizard , that you might come and visit this Holy place .

                                           The Well of St Grada and Holy Cross

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