Friday, 11 August 2017

Gete-okosomin update .

                 " The Birds and the Bees !" ! ..only doing it without the bees !

                                                 Here we go again  !
I,m getting the idea of how to pollinate the flowers by hand now , with a view to getting pure seeds and there are more flowers coming along now , both male and female .
Tie up the petals the evening before the flower is expected to open .

 Tie them up with soft twine , cable tie , piece of wool thread or stick them together with masking tape . Here I used a nice long strong piece of Bindweed ..might as well put it to good use !

 A close up view of the male stamen which is covered with pollen.Isn't it beautiful ? !

Now I have more male flowers coming , I can pick one , pull off the petals from around the stamen and use it to wipe the pollen directly onto the female stigma .

           Last time I took pollen from a male flower with a cotton bud stick .

 You can do this , but this time I was able to use the actual male stamen .
Next , I had to get up very early ,before the bees....untie the flower...dust the stigma with the pollen on the male stamen.....tie up the flower once again .
 Very important ..I forgot to say it last time ..tie the flower petals up again !
 The flower will wither and drop off leaving the now set fruit to swell and grow .
I'm writing all this , so I can remember what I did , for when I come to do this again next year .  I hope it might also be of some help to you too .

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