Monday, 31 July 2017

Impatiens tinctoria

                                                     Impatiens tinctoria
 I just love this plant ! It's natural habitat is beside streams  in cooler more forested regions of  central Africa .
  Here in my garden it grows very well in clumps , without becoming a thug .
The flowers are just delightful and always draw attention . It is a perennial  too surprisingly dies down when the frosts come ( and we hardly get any here in Mullion Cornwall ) and comes up again in the spring . I would think in other parts of the U.K it would be an idea to give it a good mulch over winter . I always take cuttings ..which easily root in a jar of water a, pot them up and keep them over winter in my greenhouse .
 They do have large tubers.. I have not tried dividing these ,but I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work too . Anyone tried dividing the tubers ? Why bother when cuttings in water take so easily !
  Sweetly scented too . Ask if you want a piece .  It is my plant of the week !

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