Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Birdie is back !

I am so happy ! Birdie has returned after about a month . I am overjoyed to see my little feathered friend again .

More good news ... she appears to have new feathers growing on her head  . (Zoom in )
  Poor thing  , she lost her feathers about a year and a half ago , I didn't think she,d make it through last winter , but she did .
   She looked exhausted after raising her two chicks . I have not seen the two youngsters , they must be off and away on their own life story now . I have not seen the adult male either .
I am having a busy few days up in the veg garden , planting Autumn onion sets Senshyu , weeding around leeks,n,kale and generally having a good old tidying up and preparing new beds for next season ......so I expect Birdie will be following me around .
What else .....oh yes....I,m moving all the more tender plants in to their winter sheltering zones now ....I have to dig up the Ensete red leaved Banana plant..not looking forward to doing that , it has grown so big !
 What else..oh yes...The Gete okosomin is still doing fine . Will give an update in next post .
What else...oh yes...I am going to fix our fence that is swaying about in the slightest breeze ...concrete fence repair post , bolts ,shovel , hacksaw , drill .....
What else...oh yes...the Swallows ....they are still here . I,m sure they will be off soon though , it is getting chilly at night now .
What else..oh yes..my flu jab is booked for 30th Sept at the health centre...have you had yours ?
  O.k. well , the sun is shining again here in Mullion..I,m off out to play in the garden !
           Have a nice day !

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