Saturday, 16 April 2016

Good morning !

Up early this morning to get the washing on ...this is the view across the meadow..I think its going to be sunshine and showers today ..hopefully some longer interludes of blue sky .
 All looking well in the veg garden , leeks and onions beginning  to grow away again ..I know you're thinking they look small , but after my op , I give myself a pat on the back for managing to sow these seeds and getting them into their final place in the ground , as late as the instructions on the back of the seed packet said you can .I will let them grow on to get a bit bigger ,  but will probably use these up as baby leeks , as I will soon need the space for this years crops .

I have three Rossignol Kale plants left here now and I keep picking those leaves and more leaves keep a coming , it is a wonderful plant and a super health food too .

                       I have had to cover these onions to keep a visiting cat off .

Sweet Cicely with its liquorice aniseed scented /flavoured leaves are flowering now .

As I walk on up to the greenhouse baby rabbits scamper away and a little Jenny wren flits about scolding me , she must have a nest near by .
 I take the leeks and shallots out of the greenhouse and stand them on a grid on top of the vegtrug away from hungry bunnies ....but I must get these in the ground soon ..where they will be surrounded with chicken wire .
  I have repotted the sunflowers into those biodegradable sort of cardboard pots ....not sure I like them , they were expensive and after watering the sunflower seedlings in they have gone quite soggy already , the only reason they are not completely collapsing is I have put them all very close together into a plastic bag lined banana box . I hate plastic and am trying not to use it , it upsets me seeing so much plastic washed up on the beach....oh ..grumble grumble grumblie old me today   ! : )

         Anyway ....I picked a goodly handful of mixed salad leaves for my lunch !

The daffodils are nearly over now and the Gunnera manicata is flowering already .

        The absolute star of the show today is my beautiful Camellia "Water Lily"
                                              Put it on your " want  " list !
                                              Time to hang the washing out cheerio ...........

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  1. Wow...that first photo is a perfect example of precisely why I love mornings...beautiful.