Monday, 18 April 2016

Monkshood aconite

                                   Good morning and it's all go out in the garden !

 Out of the greenhouse and into the beautiful Cornish sunshine go my seedlings.
                    Kale and Purple Sprouting Broccoli sown on April 5th                    

 These teeny tiny seedlings will be growing away all year under a cloche and will give us their lovely purple bunches of broccoli buds early next spring .  I missed out on sowing them last year , being in hospital  ......and I refuse to buy it from the just doesn't taste the same !
                         That little Wren was there to greet me again this morning .

 I am so glad I went to church yesterday,  with my husband away on a trip , and having to make the effort to walk there , the church bell , really playing on my conscience ....but it is a short walk to our little St Michaels Church in Mullion .....and we have had this really lovely visiting priest while our Father John is having a rest . dear friend Jessica had brought me a whole bucket full of Monkshood aconites for me ! : )  Thankyou Jessica !

 I haven't got a picture of it's flower to show you , but it is just the most awesome thing !

 Yes , it is known for being deadly poisonous , every part of it , leaves , flowers and roots .
 So are Foxgloves... and alot of other things . They are actually related to Delphiniums .
   So it is going into my fern garden , where it will enjoy the shade and the damp and occasional  pool of sunlight .....and I have put on the rubber gloves .

                                         ....and my little helper has arrived  ....

                                         I have never seen this plant up so close ....

                                             They look like bulbs of Fennel .

They are beginning to pass out , so I get then planted at the very back of the fern garden and water them in with rain water .

 The Woodpeckers are drumming up in the pine tree and also on the metal work on a near by telegraph pole .  They are nesting somewhere up in the ivy on the pine tree .

I occasionally buy  peanuts for them...but what they really like to eat are the grubs , which they pull out of the lawn .  I always have fresh water out for the wildbirds .

 So today, another lovely day here in Mullion with sun shining and blue sky ..the Monkshood aconites are beginning to revive again  . Cant wait to see their flowers !
       Meanwhile the star of the show in my garden today is this little Violet which has come up through the crushed rock in the middle of the drive .

      " Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it "
                                 Mark Twain 
 Have a lovely day ! 


  1. That picture of the little wren is has been a long time since I have seen one.

  2. Very brave to have monkshood in your garden! I have sown the white foxglove seeds that you sent me and hope they will be up soon...but I am late with so many things. Your purple sprouting will be so much nicer than shop bought.

    1. Good morning to you ! : ) Just wanted to let you know , that the Marmande toms and Seashell Cosmos are all germinated ! In fact I spent a relaxing time splitting them up and putting them into their next size pots . Wishing you a relaxing weekend xx Daisy xx