Friday, 15 April 2016

Beanpole Cutting

After a good night's sleep thanks to my friend giving me some of her special lavender and marjoram sleep potion to try under my pillow , I felt wonderfully refreshed and thought I,d get this years beanpoles sorted out .

For this I like to cut 8 hazel branches at about 7 or 8 ft high and a good 9 ft one for the horizontal one along the top . I  tidy them up and use the trimmings for pea sticks and plant supports   etc .

Its a very satisfying job . I decided to call it a day after doing this though and after closing up the greenhouse I have come in for a nice cup of tea .
 It has begun to rain again , which is good , because it will make the ground soft and easy to push the poles into the earth tomorrow  .

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