Thursday, 14 April 2016

Spring Greenhouse and Sowing Seeds

Everywhere I look now I see spring flowers ,Violets , Primroses , Bluebells .
Cowslips are my absolute favourite this week ...and they are loving the thundery showers .

 I noticed this one with a huge bunch of flower buds, much bigger than normal, it is going to look fabulous when they all open !   Unusual isn't it ?

In my greenhouse,which is mainly for cacti and Epiphyllums ,which are beginning to show buds is becoming difficult to find space for all the extra trays of seeds , along with over wintering pelargoniums ,various cuttings and things .
 Here are , from front to back, the Zebrune shallots, Pot Leeks, Sunflowers, Blue Lake French Beans , Incredible Runner beans and at the top a tray of a rare Madagascan Aloe seeds which came from my own plant which I bought at the Penzance Cactus and Succulent Show a few years ago .
  To the right is my little Pawlonia tomentosa sapling and that pot of celery I grew from the base of a bunch that I bought in the supermarket ...I,ll be planting that out next week probably .

 Husband is growing tomatoes , lettuces and spring onions on the sunny shelf of his solar shed .

Actually I have begun the process of  hardening off the leeks and Sunflowers , bringing them out by day and putting them back in by night .

I watched Monty on Gardeners World ,showing how to clear the mucky stuff out of our ponds ... I,m so glad I only have my little half barrel pond with one yellow water Iris and my pride and joy the Skunk Cabbage /Lysichiton .  See I remembered to leave the weedy ,mucky stuff on one side of the pond , so that the little creatures can crawl back in ....if there even are any ...I couldn't see any .....but not wishing to harm any creature ,I still did this anyway .  I refreshed the compost in the pond basket around the two plants and I can just see them beginning to push up this years new shoots . I do hope the Lysichiton flowers this year .

 Ah ! Some more seeds, Antirrhinums , calendulas , cosmos , nasturtiums , sweetcorn , Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Scarlet Kale , Rossingnol Kale ....Ricinus can see some of the Agave pups , some I,ve grown from seed and others from the mother plants out in the garden ....Agave Potatorum which flowered last year is still O.K after I cut of the huge inflorescence mast . It is good to have some young plants waiting in the wings with which  to replace it , should it finally  wither and die . I,ll post a pic of the Agaves sometime soon . I'm busy tidying and rearranging the South facing gravel area where I grow the Agaves .

 Voodoo Lily update ......all is doing well . I,ve brought it into the porch a couple of times when the gales and storms have been bad . I have made it some good support with these wonderful bent canes and some string .

                                The beautiful big bumble - bees are coming out .

 I really want to do some sketching of them with a view to embroidering  one .

 O.K. So I revisited Poldhu Cove and got a few fairly good shots of those Sand Martins .

                Hope you are out and enjoying the wonderful sights of Spring .

                          One last pic from my garden .....Hellebores after the rain .

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  1. I love this time of year in my greenhouse, when tiny green shoots are popping up. I have just bought a selection of seeds from Higgledy, I think I first saw them mentioned on your blog.