Monday, 18 April 2016

Beanpoles up 2016

So with the ground nice and soft after the rain , I dug down about a spade and a half holes for each pole , maybe a little more . Plant the poles and backfill with the earth one at a time .  I usually plant three poles at each end for extra strength and stability , but I think these feel strong enough this time .

Then off into the shed , where I carefully stowed away all the bits and pieces from last years beanpoles .
 It's that plastic coated wire I want ,hanging on the handle . Oh it's so good to see all this stuff here again !

Then back up to the veg little friend following me . She gets so excited when I get out my garden fork .

I now tread down the earth around each pole really hard to make sure it is a good solid Cornish storm force 10 proof structure . Also it is surprising  just how heavy a crop of runnerbeans can be , when in full growth and scrabbling over the top .

O.K. So the top horizontal pole is a bit wonky this is not the Chelsea Flower Show !

I dug up that lovely leek with the purple leaves . I think it is a seedling from some Blue de Solaise leeks I grew last year  or maybe the year before . Seeing it made me get on line and order some D'hiver de St Victor  a heritage leek organic ,which is one related to it .
I do love leeks and am growing lots of them ....I know its a bit late now but I will squeeze then in and make them grow !

Next I sort out the cabbage bed ,which is at one end of the beanpoles ........

Back in the Autumn  , under an environmesh cloche ,  I planted  a small bag of Shakespeare onion sets, which are doing well , a row of some onions seeds which a friend recommended..nowhere to be seen ....and a mere sprinkling of  good old reliable Greyhound Cabbage seeds , also doing well .
The earth being lovely and soft , it was fairly easy to pull out the three thistles, one dandelion, chickweed and an a few damned Hairy Bitter Cress .
 The pigeons love all brassicas ,so carefully I pull the cloche back over doing so I find a couple of large snails !
 Oh well ! That's that job done ! yawn ....maybe I'll put some flags up on it tomorrow .... for fun !

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  1. I love this time of year when I begin to feel productive again. I'm not doing nearly so much this year, just a few Broad beans, some dwarf French and there will be runners. Soon. I have 12 tomato seedlings looking very healthy in the greenhouse, so hope they will continue to grow on.