Sunday, 25 September 2016

The new Pumpkin patch

I,m busy getting the new Pumpkin patch ready for next year , layering up newspaper , grass clippings , cardboard , horse manure ,  hoover bag contents , Autumn leaves , spent compost , shredded branches and seaweed  . The more effort that is put into the garden now during the Autumn , the bigger the pay off next year ....but this is no effort really , since it is our friends the worms that will do the work , chomping through it all .
 No hard , back breaking digging for me ...except just to gently turn it all over and rake it in the Spring .

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  1. ....aagh ! I,ve been trying to get together this little silent slideshow for over an hour now and it keeps failing to upload ..if it doesn't work for you , just so that you know , I will probably delete this and try again later because right now , I am mighty fed up with blooming technology ....aaagh ! :(