Saturday, 24 September 2016

Little trip up to Kent

I had a lovely three days away visiting my parents in Kent . I just had to share a few pics with you .
 There are the sweet foxes who always come to the back door, for a few scraps of food just before dark .
 I always love to see my brother's greenhouses orchids and cacti .....especially when given a very generous cutting of an unusual Aloe . I potted it up in some fresh , gritty compost with a beach pebble topping as soon as we arrived home , see bottom right photo .
 ( Thankyou to Stasha for the beautiful head scarf that you sent me just before I went into hospital . It is so pretty ! :) )
    My brother has a fine collection of Lithops .    I have a few of these too , but can never remember when they should  have their dormant period  and when they should be watered.  Also one of mine has been nibbled by something's still alive . None of mine have ever flowered yet , but they are only a couple of years old .
 The weather has turned noticeably colder and today I put on one of my thicker jumpers. My hands hurt when they get cold ,so I,ve got out my trusty finger-less gloves and put them into my handbag ,ready for when I need them .
 I need to get some long burning candles for my greenhouse ...and rig up my way  of heating the greenhouse as cheaply as I can ....but I will talk about that another day .
  I,m sleeping better with these cooler nights , the hops and the pomander which my friend Jessica gave me and tonight I will fall asleep to the sound of the rain on my window .

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