Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Baby Agaves

 So yesterday the man came round to let us know that he was coming today to fix the fence . The fence that runs along behind my gravel bed with the Agaves in that is  ...

 Well , I had planned to let the little Agave pups grow a bit bigger before pulling them out  but I cant take the risk of the man trampling on them ..... sigh ..... : (

                                     So I had no choice but to take them out now .

They all have a little bit of rootage  on them , but these here are all connected ,so I am laying them down together in this tray . I added some gravel to this compost , by the way, for good drainage . There were also a couple of teeny weeny shoots which I nestled in there , they are hard to see .

                                             Some more gravel around on top .

  All done and into the greenhouse . I think there may be a few more pups around the other side of the mother Agave . Oh the weeds ! ..and now the leaves are beginning to tumble off the trees all around too ! Can I ever catch up with it all ? !!!

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