Sunday, 4 September 2016

August into Setember - Veg garden update

 Sorry , August has been such a busy much going on in the garden !
 Anyway , remember the late end of July Kale seed sowing ? Well they grew away fast in their seed tray , I decided to hold them back as the space was taken up with other things .

 Here are the other things ... dwarf french beans , cucumber , tomatoes , Romaine Cos lettuce , beetroots and basil . ..and I,ve picked lots from them . I noticed that the few remaining lettuces are now beginning to bolt and the beetroots are certainly ready to pull .

    Kale seedlings waiting in the wings . I do have another patch of Kale which I grew earlier in the year at the other end of this bed . I will check on those tomorrow .

Notice how small a space I have  grown all these tasty vegetables in ! Just from that little brown patch of earth ! I am leaving in the Dwarf French beans , cucumber and the tomato plant as I think there could be more to come .
 The baby Kale plants are going in here .

 Tomatoes - well the best ones were the ones my husband grew in his Solar Shed .
 The next best were the ones in his VegTrug . The Cherokee Purple Toms that I grew were sown too late in the greenhouse but there is still time !

         From my veg garden I have pretty much filled this bowl every day from this seasons growing . So I am very happy , something tasty  for us to eat and fill our tums  every day  is all I want . I am not growing to sell at the market  , nor am I trying to grow prize-winning monsters .

         So , I planted up the baby Kale , scattered my crushed egg shells ....

          ......scattered some horticultural grit .....and put back the luminous lizard .

Give them a good drink to settle them all in and fix up the plastic chicken wire again .
 The only other thing is that I may need to find some environmesh to cover from the Cabbage white butterflies . I haven't got any at the moment and it is so expensive .
  So I,ve got to go away and think about it .

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