Saturday, 2 July 2016

Terence Coventry Sculpture Park

                                                            ( Not this way !)

" Whoever  would have thought that such a place of Culture and Art could be found at the end of an ordinary, but very beautiful ,  Cornish footpath ! " I texted to my friend...."I need to think about how to describe this place in my journal , because it is so special . "
 We'd enjoyed our delicious lunch at Roskillys....Crab sandwiches ...Butternut Squash 'n' Coriander Soup and a wholewheat roll .... and decided to go on an adventure .
  A walk in the country side above Coverack .

Scrabbling over old granite styles and stepping carefully through an ancient shallow muddy ford , in our shoes ( wellies might  have better idea ) and trying not to slip on the massive serpentine stepping stones . Gunnera manicata leaves towering over our heads .
 Surely the Cornish Piskies must live here !

We continued past a field with some pretty young calves , then on again along the footpath through the woods .
 Chattering and laughter about life and stuff .
  The Primroses and Bluebells now overtaken by the Foxgloves , Dandelions , the mirthful pink Seline and what are those lovely blue flowers  , that scrabble about through everything ?      Liquorice or Blue Tufted Vetch ?......
                Our chatter about the wild flowers came to an abrupt stop .......

                        ..........  we seemed to have entered into another world .
                      As it turned out ....this was the world of Terence Coventry .

Wow ! I ,m not one to know how to talk about art  , but even I could feel the creative energy and importance of the sculptures that surrounded us in these meadows .
 Not just one or two , but many !    
   Awestruck and very glad that I,d brought my camera ! Were we meant or even allowed to be in here ?
  Suddenly the conversation had changed to Barbara Hepworth and Elizabeth Frink .... my friend , far more knowledgeable than me  !

 It felt like such an awesome privilege to be standing here , our breath being taken away by such strong yet quite heart touching figures .

 Cleverly and easily recognisable familiar birds ,created from steel and other figures of concrete  like stone .

                                               I love these feeding birds !

     Notice board with more information about the Terence Coventry Sculpture Park .

                            The dancing spirit in me loves this joyful piece !

 I haven't shown you I hope that you too might stumble upon the Terence Coventry Sculpture Park along the cliffs above Coverack .

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