Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Lower Kenneggy Nurseries Rosudgeon

One very foggy afternoon last week , my good friend and I took a left turn down a little country lane , somewhere along the main road to Penzance , opposite  a pub called The Coach and Horses ....the sign said " Lower Kenneggy Nurseries "
  My husband would never go this way , fearing that the track would become narrow , go on for miles, no passing places , no where to park  or turn around  and in this fog get confused by the Cornish Piskies  etc .
 My friend being far more adventurous , however said " Dont worry about it ! "  and took the plunge .

We needn't have been worried at all . It isn't very far along the lane and there is plenty of space to park and turn around . And look ....what an intriguing place !

            The fog made us feel like we were exploring in the Amazon Rain Forest  .

                                      A beautiful greenhouse welcomed us in .

                                                     Rare and spiky plants !

                              On the other side , lots of lovely scented Pelargoniums .

 The Scented Pelargoniums and especially the Lemon Scented Pelargonium has been around in my life since my childhood days . Mum always had one on the kitchen windowsill along with the Buzzy Lizzy , Tradescancia , Spider Plants , African Violets and Rubber plant cuttings . I love them and these things are getting hard to come by now .
  Is it that people dont share their plants by giving or swapping cuttings anymore ?
I cant seem to find these once very common house plants any where .
  Some of these Scented Pelargoniums can survive outside here in the far South West of Cornwall . They make a lovely house plant , giving off their fragrance as you brush past them .

 They were all there , mint , chocolate , pine , lemon . I could not believe my luck , as I have been looking for Pelargonium " Lady Plymouth " for ages ...and there it was , and at a sensible price too .

                                  A very happy Lower Kenneggy Nursery bee !

                                            I just adore these dangerous plants .

                                                  Aeonium Tabuliforme


                                                    Aeonium Zwartkop

Outside you can walk around and explore the different types of even more exotic and rare plants . I especially love the ferns .

 If you love the more unusual plants then you must come and visit this sweet and friendly nursery .

         The gentleman owner didn't mind me taking photos ..I do always ask first   .

                         We came away from here very happy with our new plants  .

                                             We will definitely be coming back .

 Here is the link to The Lower Kenneggy Nurseries web site , where there are far more superior  directions to get there , than mine ! Lol !

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