Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tackling the overgrown Herb Garden

Finally I am getting stuck in and sorting out my overgrown herb garden . Those sweet little pots of herbs they sell at the garden centre,  soon turn into thugs if left to their own devices for a year and a half !  ( due to illness )
 I dont mind the Spearmint spreading , as we love that with hot buttered potatoes and in our salads ....but the Artimesia vulgaris " Oriental Limelight "  ( the cutting of which I  had been so delighted to have snitched from somewhere  ) has turned into a monster !
Santolina  , instead of being a tidy  tight mound , has branches now beginning to collapse under it's own weight . Oregano  , Thyme , precious Cowslips are being fast surrounded and choked by the Sweet Woodruff  ....and why did I plant a Phoenix canariensis in the middle of it all ? Can you see the one in the background ? They get seriously big !
 There is Lavender , Curry bush , Tea Tree Bush , Lemon Balm and a fast spreading Rosa mundi galica versicolour , Docks , nettles ouch ! and brambles aagh !

                        There is also a half barrel pond in there somewhere !

 There is something going on with my camera , so I may not be able to blog for a little while , I think it's something going on with the lens , not focusing automatically .
                                     So please forgive  my blurred photos .

 I filled two wheelbarrows and they were so heavy that my husband had to wheel them away . Except I saved those palm leaves to weave into the pigwire fence as a windbreak to the Veg Garden .

 The whole Herb Garden needs  totally restructuring ..things have got to be taken out and put somewhere else ...I think this is going to be quite a long term project .

 I hate wearing gloves whilst gardening but those Stinging Nettles were evil ..they still stung me and my arms are still tingling..not to mention the blooming gnat bites !

                                                          The pile of weeds !
                           The Hay meadow is almost ready to be cut . We didn't mow a path through it this time , because Ted said he was going to get two cuts from it .
  That is why I haven't shown any pictures of the lovely meadow flowers .

 So here you can see the Herb Garden is only a small area really , between the path and the greenhouse .

 The rope is there to remind me not to run ,but walk carefully up this slope after having slipped and broken my arm falling down the steep flight of slippery Serpentine steps in a Cornish hedge that used to be the only way up to my greenhouse .
 I dash about way too fast all the time ......so I,m told ..... whistling as I go .

  I love my herb garden so much and it makes me very sad to see it all gone like this .
   If anyone local wants any cuttings from my herb garden , please let me know and I can put some aside for you . I will post an update .... when the camera is fixed.
  Have a great week ! Daisy Debs x


  1. My herb areas are getting established and this time I am going to keep it under control, at our last house it exploded into the garden, I have several herb areas on the go, I am just about to move the mint to an area were it can go wild :-)

  2. I can picture you dashing along and whistling as you go :) such a beautiful herb garden. It sounds as if you've been quite busy!