Friday, 22 July 2016

Borecole Kale a late July Sowing

                     21st July 1.30 pm I thought I,d do a final sowing of Kale seeds .
On the seed packet it said "Borecole "...which I have just found out is Kale ....same thing .  Only difference that I can see with this particular packet is that it says I can sow it up until end of July , which is one month later than my last Kale seed packet said .
 Now then , it has been exceptionally  hot here on the Lizard , Cornwall and I think we could well have a storm and some torrential rain with it in the next few days . So rather than have them all washed away , plus the slugs which will then all come out again and gobble them up ,...I decided to sow them indoors on the kitchen windowsill and plant them out when they are a bit bigger . Also I should have more space in the veg garden in a few weeks time hopefully .

                            22nd July 7.30 am and they are germinating already  !


  1. I don't know what Kale is, have to look up in Google :) But after coming to Erlangen, I've realized that I love,love working in the garden.But the sad part is here you get to work in the garden only till September or so .

  2. Hello Deepa , Kale is a much more delicious type of leafy greens . I love all cabbage , but Kale leaves taste sweeter to me .It stands well out in the garden over the winter months ...I just love to see all my leeks , onions , parsnips and kale all growing away during the winter , even under snow . We dont however get much snow down here in Cornwall . It is so hot here today , I,m having a hard job watering everything ! :)