Friday, 3 November 2017

Ensete ventricosum " Maurelii "

 I finally dug up my big Ensete ventricosum "Maurelii "/ the Red Abyssinian Banana .
 It has been very happy on this North facing bank through the summer..but I know that it  just would not survive through the Winter here..I have tried .
 I,ve been going on about digging this up for weeks now and my friend gave me a gentle nudge to get on with it !  ( as you can see it was getting dark too ! ) and it is now up in the woodshed safe from the winter weather .
   I will get a bag of new compost to mulch over it's roots , but probably wont water it at all now, until next spring , unless it is looking particularly sad .
 This was an expensive plant and with a little care it can be planted out again early next Summer . This lovely Banana can get between 8-10ft high and 5-10ft wide ....but at some stage it will be too big for me to keep lifting . I have been taking pups from it and bringing them on , which will eventually replace it .
  Musa Basjoo is the most hardy one ,but mine are still too small to plant out yet .

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