Friday, 2 June 2017

The New Key hole vegetable bed / Three Sisters Bed / Pumpkin Bed

 So last evening  I worked hard to get the chicken wire  fixed up around my new veg bed .
Not sure what to call this ...I originally called it the new Pumpkin Bed , I am growing a Squash  .
 I have been very inspired by Key hole Vegetable beds as people in drought stricken areas of Africa are being encouraged to make . Mine hasn't really got a key hole entrance as such , although there is a place for me to step is very similar . I didn't need to build a wall around it , my main concern is to keep rabbits out .
  It could be called a "Three Sisters Bed " I having Sweetcorn , Beans and Squashes , but I have planted a few other things in there with them though .

                             I made the woven basket watering hole in the middle .
I didn't have time to do the woven hurdle around the outer edge ,maybe I'll do that another day . I,m keen to get planting now .

 Difficult to see but here it is planted up with Sweetcorn in a large block around the back , nicotiana /tobacco plants  and  5 tall sunflowers for the bees . Cherokee purple tomato plants 3 ...a few Scarlet Kale ...Amish Onions ..some red onion sets..Daubenton's perential kale ..parsley ...Lavender , nasturtiums ,cosmos .

                  Picture of the other side where the sweetcorn is ...they are very small .

                                      This is how it looked last Autumn .

                                                    I,m as happy as can be !
So now , all there is left to do is  , sow a few dwarf French beans and plant out the  amazing Gete okosomin Squash waiting in the Solar Shed .

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  1. WE too have a sinking feeling...such sad times.