Sunday, 25 June 2017

Gete -Okosomin finally planted out !

The weather was warm , humid and mizzly rain late yesterday evening and so at around 10.30 pm I decided the time was right to get that precious Gete Okosomin Squash plant into the ground .  I aplogise for the dark pictures  but it was rapidly getting dark while I was doing all this .

 I wasn't sure if after only three weeks it would  have a good enough root system ,but as it turned out , those beautiful delicate roots had filled the pot all around .

                     Getting to work quick ! .....but also very carefully .
 A bag of grit and that bowl full of crushed eggshells to scatter around the plant to keep slugs off .

                     I gave it a little drink of rain water to settle the earth around it .

 ..and then had to quickly think about wind was getting breezy .
So I rigged up this old comost sack between grids and stuck in a few fir branches  .

              Fir branches pushed in to protect those delicate leaves from the wind .

                        Crushed eggshells and horticultural grit to deter slugs .
I noticed that it had two trendrills begining to reach out , so I pushed in a couple of sticks for them to grab onto .
  So I have done everything I can for now , I would like a little more gentle rain to get it really settled in . I am about three weeks behind with the plant having been broken and all this trying to save it ...but I think I am still o.k for time to get flowers set etc.
                                                  Romp away little fella !

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