Friday, 2 June 2017

Gete Okosomin sad news

 Devastated ! While I was putting the last post on , my husband went into the Solar shed and began watering the tomatoes....and knocked the stem of the Gete okosomin squash plant ...right down to the bottom  , snapped  .... there are only two leaves still attached , that third one fell off too .
 So fighting back tears ..I have tried to rescue it as best I can .

I have planted out the base of the has a really good  root system . I,m praying it will put out new shoots . ..but even if it does , we have been set back by a whole month  really .

The stem was really long and had about six buds . I decided to treat it as a cutting and immediately   used a little rooting powder in several places along the stem . Took off the flowers to hopefully put it's energy into making roots...I was going to lay the stem on the earth to trail about and sometimes pumpkins , squashes and courgettes will put down roots along the stem ..please please please put down roots !!!! .......... so sad ..fed up ....tears...

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