Thursday, 3 March 2016

Planting a Hedgerow

So today I,m taking you all up into my meadow and here we are ,  looking over the shared boundary across to Tregonning Hill .
 I have been trying to get a good native species hedgerow growing along here , I think it would be great for sheltering nesting birds , hedgehogs ,butterflies etc .
 It will be so much nicer to look at than that ugly pig-wire fence .

So off to Trevena Cross Nursery , Breage .Where they have a great selection of bare root hedging to choose from at the moment . I bought 5 green Beech , 2 May tree whips and 1 Sea buckthorn . I already have a couple of willow bushes , one oak tree ,one small fir tree  a Pittasporum and a lovely Buddleia along here ( although sadly smashed by horses ).
It took me two back breaking hours to dig out the planting holes for my young saplings ...I was still finishing off as it became dark .

 I know , you cant see them , but they are there !  It was at this point that I realised that 8 sapling trees was not going to make a hedge .....I also realised that I had forgotten to buy any rabbit guards  .
I planted the last remaining Sea Buckthorn up on another Cornish Hedge boundary.  I have seen Ray Mears  and also Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall  foraging for the orange berries of this thorny beast in vitamin C . I,ve seen it growing up in Dorset  , but not  down here in Cornwall . While I was taking that last photo , a beautiful sleeping pheasant popped its head up and flew off making a frightful noise !
Both startled !

                                                            There he goes !


  1. Rabbits! Buy those guards soon as rabbits love new buds!

  2. ....It's Women's World Day of Prayer tomorrow afternoon at our church , so I cant get to the nursery till Saturday .....oh dear..maybe we could do an emergency dash in the morning ! : )