Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hedgerow more !

                                                    So I bought some more !
....they arrived faster than I expected and I got them planted ., you really have to get them planted as soon as possible back is really aching now !

                                                  I love the tiny daffodils .

 The Snowdrops seed pods are fattening up , I,m going to gather and re-sow these .

                          My little lady blackbird friend who follows me around .

Oh ......and here's the Voodoo Lily Update . Look at those leaves !  I thought that they would be like the Arum Lily, arrow shaped , but these are far more interesting !
We have had strong gales and sleet , so over night I put it into the Porch , I think I need to rig up some kind of support , I dont want those stems to snap in the wind . Its actually the wind I,m more worried about than the cold .


  1. Pretty daffodils and I love your little blackbird friend!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my post about my new baby :)

    1. Hallo , yes she is a dear little soul , she follows me around the garden ,as I dig or move flower pots she hops in and eats up the grubs , woodlice and slugs.

  2. That picture of the blackbird absolutely makes my morning :) looks like he is singing an opera solo

    1. Hallo and welcome ! She waits by the back door , for me to come and throw her a grape . She loves grapes ! : )