Friday, 25 December 2015

Time to Plant Shallots

Plant shallots on the shortest day and harvest them on the longest ....or thereabouts .
  I did plant them out into the open veg bed a few days ago , I went to a lot of trouble digging in compost ,horticultural grit and covering them with grids and surrounding them with chicken wire ....and over night three went missing ....just totally vanished !

These are precious , given to me by a good gardening friend ! So I have taken them all up and replanted them into modules , just to get them started ,up in my unheated greenhouse .
 I will plant them out later on , around the end of February , beginning of March .
  These will be harvested around August .

It was good to get out and take a little walk about the garden , it,s mild , wet and very blustery today. The Rhubarb is coming up !

I,ve topped up the bird feeders , must get more peanuts . It has been so mild that the Gunneras have not died back yet , this little Robin is feeding on it's seeds . Arum Lilies also still in full leaf .
 We went to the Christmas Mass at St Michaels Mullion yesterday evening , a good turnout and lovely to sing the well loved Christmas Carols ..We need more practice singing ! We also need someone to play the organ ! Happy Christmas Father John  !
You did a great job !
 We also gathered wood for the fire , off the beach this morning , some beach combing treasures, rope , shells , a tiny glass bottle ( no message in it though ) pretty stones and let the dog have a romp about down at Poldhu Cove .
  Oh ! Well ! I'd better get back indoors to all the festivities . My lovely Christmas table has been transformed into Paddington Station !
                                    Hope you're all having fun ! x

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  1. Love those seasonal red and greens in your photographs Daisy. Those Gunnera seed heads are really interesting..they are such amazing plants aren't they, but need a large space. I bet your little grand children love the majestic leaves in the summer.