Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Holy Well of St Grada and The Holy Cross

   The Church of Saint Grada  and The Holy Cross   -  Grade  -  on the Lizard  Cornwall
                           Across the field footpath and a little way down the lane ....

over and down the stone steps , there is a rope to help you descend  !

We came to visit the Holy Well of Saint Grada and The Holy Cross .
To scoop out the fallen empty candle holders from the Sacred waters ...
and make sure all is tidy .
We came with candles ,flowers and prayers for Peace and Healing .
The Holly Wreath that my dear friend  put there is lovely.
Though I have often been into the Church , this was my first visit to the Well .

                   I stupidly brought a little bottle of water to fill the vase !  doh !  lol !

 But was glad to be able to tip that away and gather some of the Holy Water to take and  bless my home with .


  1. You are indeed blessed...and just think of what joy this little posy will bring to passing pilgrims.. all walkers pilgrims and seekers of beauty and fresh air.