Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sheep Update

                       Great news , the sheep have been reunited with their owner !

                                             Look at that sweetest adorable face !

   My dearest friend Jessica came to say hallo ...and I have been giggling about the sheep all day !

Fortunately they didnt have too far to go and were quite happy to follow the bucket of food ........ er .....husband is following too !  : )    lol !


  1. Sheep have such sweet faces, even if they are a bit dim! Hope they didn't do any damage.

    1. Lol ! They plinker plonked about on the grass abit and I gathered up a bucket full of droppings which is now up in the greenhouse keeping the temperature up for me : ) When it has cooled down, will go on the rhubarb .They mostly spent the night roosting under the old fir tree .

  2. They are fine sheep in deed...but I am sure their owner is happy to have them back...maybe a little wool in return which you could hand spin, dye and incorporate into your embroidery would be a fitting reminder. Thanks for the lovely card.

  3. I didn't want anything but the kind shepherd delivered some meat for the freezer ..he'd been out looking everywhere for them poor thing .I might just ask if they have any fleece, that I might buy, next summer .