Saturday, 5 September 2015

Starting again in the Veg Garden

The sun has been gently shining , after weeks of Cornish mizzle and drifting fog . The children are soon going back to school ....there are still lots of visitors to our beautiful Cornwall .
 I.m feeling alot better...I still have a scan to get through ,but I,m trying not to worry about that right now and have kept myself busy to take my mind off it . I have gone back to dance classes again , great to see all the girls again, I,ve been doing lots of embroidery , which has helped ease the Post Traumatic Stress , I really find it quite comforting and have it in my handbag at all times . ...but I,ve put my needlework down this afternoon .
 Time to make a fresh start up in my veg garden .  Time to take down the bean poles.Weed and dig over this bed  , in readiness for the Autumn Planting Onion Sets .

                             The last few remaining purple podded french beans .

 I like to take cuttings fron climbing roses that I come across growing in old and derelict cottage gardens ...sometimes I get something different or even abit special ...but this one turned out to be one I have already.... the gorgeous Dorothy Perkins  . I,d put it at the foot of the beanpole bed along with others ,to shelter over last winter, before I got sick. It is in a large pot , but really got its roots down through the pot and into the ground ,. I had to both dig and lop it ! So tomorrow it will be going to its new home in my friend's garden down at the Lizard .

 Back to the bean poles...take down the last remaining tatters of the Tibetan Prayer Flags, ..and rescue that snail .  The flags still have one important job to do , before going on the bonfire .

I take down and carefully save that precious  plastic coated wire , to use again next year .

This always reminds me of taking down the Christmas Tree after all the festivities are over . Like the  Christmas tree fairy lights . I try not to be too hasty ...and tie the two ends together with the Tibetan Prayer Flag remains ..carefully fold up the rest of it and tie in the middle this ... and into the shed .

                            All neat and will make the job easy to do next Spring .

    The bean poles ,which I cut from my own Hazel Bushes , have been used twice on this bed and I dont think they'd make it to support a third heavy crop of beans , so these will be snapped up onto little pieces for some good dry kindling  for the log burning stove .
 So I finished clearing out and digging over this bed. The birds can now get in and eat up any pests.
Meantime I have got my Autumn Planting onion sets ordered ....
 200 Senshyu , 100 Red Blood and 50 Shakespeare .
 Still so much to do  , but , I can just do a little  bit every day makes me feel happy seeing vegetables growing away  up in the vegetable garden , especially in the darkest days of Winter.
 I have a few leeks , some greyhound cabbages and kale . The parsley has overgrown, but might recover after being cut back hard .The lettuces , courgettes and cucumbers coming to the end. The tomatoes .. we,ve had a fairly good year and we didn't get the dreaded blight .
Tomorrow I will be resting after all this and doing my needlework again .
            Have a beautiful Sunday !  Daisy x


  1. It really is the time of year when things are being cut back, weeded out and new plans made. We have not had a good vegetable year, except for the tomatoes which are producing more every day! there are a few leeks, a few runner beans and some rhubarb which I thought I had put to bed. Our Cornish weather hasn't helped this 'Summer'!

    1. Yes ..I must take a look at my rhubarb ....I haven,t pulled any from my clumps this year , been too poorly to do any cooking or baking .So it should be all the better from having had a rest ...The apple trees look full of rosie red apples....until one looks closer...they are smaller than usual for sure . ....but hey.....what a beautiful morning it is ....look out of the window sky ! : )

  2. So pleased you are well enough to start again in the garden. Lovely pictures, and the tools all balanced is novel. Well done on your rose cutting. Would you share your tips for successful rooting..What time of the year do you take the cuttings, how do you look after them etc? Many thanks.

  3. I always throw my heavy fork prongs into the ground , upright and lean the hoe or rake other things against it with the working part of the tools upper most so that no one trips over them . The tools keep cleaner and also therefore my hands stay cleaner . I dont mind the feel of the earth on my hands , but not every job requires it ! . I get very cross when my husband throws the tools on the ground and they get covered in mud or lost or worse still I tread on the upturned prongs of the rake and get hit on the head !