Friday, 25 September 2015

Autumn Gardening therapy

Out with the last remaining Little Gem Lettuces and courgette plants , these are going over now and we,ve eaten plenty . I have just left the one remaining cucumber see it reclining and basking in our Cornish Indian Summer sunshine ,on an upturned dish.

 Now all replaced with the little wispy blades of grass like baby leeks , which I sowed at the very end of the spectrum of sowing time for leek seeds . The best time for sowing is generally around January . I have just bought my leek seeds for next year , Pot Leeks to be sown Dec and good old reliable  Musslebrugh  to be sown February .
We had a few showers over night and these transplanted leeks look so much bigger already!

 I found a tin full of Airfix model paints , varnish , brushes and even a well used saucer to mix and lay messy brushes on and a skewer to prize off lids , in a local charity shop and made some plant labels .
Brought back memories of doing Airfix model kits in the sixties as a child ...that smell....those silly ,icky little lids ....the impossible to wash off paint splodged fingers !

In the picture above , I pulled out yet more lettuces ,which were bolting now , but which I had left because they were protecting the cabbages and kale growing behind them from the Cabbage White Butterflies.
I also hadn,t put down any slug pellets here , so these young cabbages and kale were quite badly eaten . Never the less I transplanted them , there now under that environmesh cloche and this time put down a few slug pellets a few weeks time I know that they will pick up again and be strong enough to hold their own  through the winter.
In front of this cloche are the Shakespeare Onions .
This Autumn I,ve planted Senshyu , Red Blood and Shakespeare onion sets .

Now here is my new pride and joy ! Glen Coe Purple Summer Fruiting Raspberry .
 It is only a year old and already gave us a good two handfuls of beautiful , tasty  ,purple raspberries . I have tied in the new canes ...and am looking forward to making purple raspberry jam .   PURPLE !!!  : )

Getting my hands in the earth has definitely helped to calm the horrible  Post Traumatic  Stress .
 My good friend , with her healing hands and kindest of  heart has given me this little velvet bag with two pink Rose Quartz  crystals , to hold whenever I feel it coming on again ...having a friend who just listens is just the most wonderful thing though .
 I promised my wonderful therapist that I would talk about having this awful thing , in the hope that I might help others with it and how it is only temporary.....and will fade eventually . My heart goes out to our good soldiers  who have come home with it , I didn,t realize that anyone could get this . It is HELL and the most frightening thing ever !
 There is help out there , go get it as soon as you can . I,m proud of you !
As for the big op that I had ....( I had a kidney removed , cancer ) I,m getting much better..and as you can see pottering about in the garden and greenhouse.
I,ve also gone back to dance class, just one hour Wednesday evenings ...MUSIC IS HEALING !  SING ! DANCE ! PUT ON YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC !
     I,m looking forward to  Yvette Cowles coming to do a dance workshop weekend in November...I will only do one day of this though I do the Bollywood day ....or the Azonto Ghana day ?

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  1. My vegetables have all been taken out now, apart from the cucumber which has suddenly gone mad! and the tomatoes which are nearing their end.