Sunday, 15 October 2017

Gete-okosomin Harvest !

                                    Whoo - hoo !  My Gete - okosomin harvest !

 Those who have been following this story will know that I only had one plant germinate , of how the vine got broken off just above the cotyldon leaves , how I took that broken plant and treated it as a cutting and had to wait a further couple of weeks for that cutting to root ..which it did ...of the storms..followed by drought ...followed by relentless rain showers just as I wanted to hand pollinate the flowers .
 People giving me advice I could have done only allowing the one I put on the chair to develop and cut the others off !..the one on the chair rotted I,m glad that I didn't cut all the other shoots off .
 It certainly is a very vigourous variety and can root into the ground as it spreads .

                                     They are best if raised off the ground .

   This one got to a fairly good size though hanging over the chicken wire fence .

I dont know how much it weighs .....I think it might break my kitchen scales...big strong  husband carried it in for me . This one , is the one that I am hoping and praying , will have the best chance of having seeds in .
  I already have a list of veg gardening friends who want to try these seeds and I will be happy to share them out later on in the year .( It will be awful if it has no seeds in ! )
 Thanks to Nancy Wolfe who was very generous in sharing them with me , I have learned so much through growing this interesting Squash  .
 Are there any interested (geeky) Pumpkin / Squash growers around here in Mullion ?

 I brought in all the others and they have to cure in a warm place for a day or so before putting them into a cooler but frost free storage place ...shed / garage / loft .

I ,ve brought in some of the many smaller zuchinni/courgette sized ones for us to try too .
                                          Looking forward to cooking them up .

                     I stripped out the bed and we're back to square one again .

The slugs ate all the leaves off these purple kale stalks, actually I think they were Red Russian Kale ....I,m leaving them ..they might re-shoot  .....they WILL reshoot !  (got to think positive ! ) :)

It is time to feed and replenish the earth and I try not to walk on this beautiful crumbly soil ! still looks amazing !
  Today I will let the birds feed from it , tomorrow I will begin to cover it up , layer by layer build it up again .

                              Leeks , onions ,  kale growing away beautifully now .

  A few cabbages and Purple Sprouting Broccoli under cover , the other side of the bed is resting and being built up again .

                                          Another bed being prepared .

 This plastic mesh fencing hasn't lasted even a year , I couldn't afford chicken wire last year , I,m having a re-think about this . I hate plastic !

 So I have coppiced some Hazel and I,ll see what I can do with that around the veg beds.

                                                     Leek seeds drying off .
Hurricane Ophelia is a coming in from early tomorrow morning , batten down the hatches and take very great care everybody  .


  1. Wow, What a great harvest! I love that photo of your wheel barrow . . . it's frame worthy :)
    Have lovely day.
    Connie :)

  2. What an enormous squash! You did do well to raise it. Now what will you do with it?!

  3. Oh..looks like he wait and the effort was worth it. You must have eaten it up by now. How was it? Ready to plant them again next season?

  4. Certainly worth all that perseverance Daisy Debs....hope it tastes good. I'll stick to smaller veg for my small plot. Its lovely to tend and look after the soil, and watch things grow. Congratulations on such a magnificent specimen.