Thursday, 18 February 2016

Voodoo Lily

On a mad spur of the moment on Ebay, I put in a bid for one corm/bulb of  a Dracunculus vulgaris  plant. ..and won !
 Karen of Potted Pixie Plants in Lincolnshire , sent me this huge  beautifully packed parcel containing not one , but three plants ! A glove to protect my skin , some folk can have an allergic reaction .
 I actually potted them up into a very large pot, with multi - purpose compost , perlite and horticultural grit ... without actually touching those  beautiful speckled shoots .

 I left it in the cold porch over night  to recover from the shock and in the morning , stood them outside to catch a shower of rain .
 Karen tells me that I can plant them out , hers are outside and come through the frost just fine .
  I think I,m going to bring them on a bit before planting them out into the ornamental garden .
 Today they are enjoying some sunshine and the very tips are already beginning to turn green .

Dracunculus  vulgaris is known by many other spooky names , such as Voodoo Lily (Voodoo Lily , that should be my Belly Dancer name !  lol ! ) Snake Lily , Black Dragon , Dragon wort , Dragon Arum ...... Stink Lily ....OMG !  and What's that smell ?  ! :)
 It is going to have the most beautiful flower with the most awesome fragrance this space !
 By the way , I noticed that Karen has another one listed on Ebay along with other unusual plants .

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