Friday, 1 June 2018

Meanwhile up in the Veg Garden - end of May

         Meanwhile up in my veg garden , it's all going on ! Busy busy ,busy !
French Beans Blue Lake , Black Tuscany  Kale , Romaine  Lettuces, Shallots , Celery , Woad . Also experiments with perennial  Kale Daubenton's ..if the snails haven't eaten them ! The Purple Tree Collard is in a hanging basket for the same reason !

                                                  Purple Tree Collard .

                                          Anyone else growing this ?

 This bed is stuffed with mangetout peas ( which may have failed or been eaten by a very fat mouse ) carrots , onions , beetroot ,pak choi , dwarf beans . climbing courgettes , butternuts , one Big Max Pumpkin and cucumbers ..I,m using pig wire for the squashes to climb over .

 The Runner beans and Blue Lake Climbing beans were beginning to germinate the last time I looked  and if the snails haven't eaten them they should be starting to climb up the frame .

                At last , the potatoes are beginning to show themselves !

......and the Pumpkin Patch (which is the African Key hole garden method ) is all planted up with a variety of Squashes this year . You cant see it from this picture , but , I have put a panel of pig wire in here around the watering hole for them to scrabble over .
 The watering hole encourages the roots to go down deeper to find the water and the surface of the soil stays dry which helps to discourage the slugs and snails .
 My back is aching ! How's yours ? 

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